The Youth Alive Academy is like no other place to study. It’s an eclectic mix of Higher Education study, specialising in youth culture, as well as diving into the bible, all the while developing your personal leadership. Being Australia’s largest Christian youth movement, the exposure up close and personal to local and global ministers will grow you and your world view. Tapping into the way this generation likes to study, we offer a diverse range of learning experiences, including connecting nationally on a regular basis to other Academy students and educators. On top of all this, you get to intern with us and then bring it all back to your local church. It’s a year that you will change your life and set you up to fulfill your God potential.


‘Called to Reach this Generation’

Youth Alive Leadership Academy exists to strengthen you and your local church. Youth Alive has been renowned for 30 years for leadership development, evangelism and building strong, relevant youth ministries. The Youth Alive Leadership Academy is the place to learn it all as you study and intern with Australia’s largest Christian youth movement.

With only one contact study day per week, we offer experiences that go far beyond the classroom and our unique style is successfully engaging students from all walks of life including various denominations. We aim to equip you with knowledge of the Bible from guests and lecturers who are experts in their fields, as well as tackling the most current and pressing issues of today’s generation.

The Academy offers involvement in Youth Alive’s large scale events, such as United We Stand, Leadership events and the YA Conference, which teach student’s incredible skills and knowledge that are brought back to local church level.


Cameron + Renee


Cam and Renee are the National Youth Alive Directors of Australia, and two of our country’s most trusted and leading experts on all things youth and youth ministry. With over 25 years ministry experience, they are constantly pushing levels for this generation.

They are the founders of United We Stand, Australia’s largest outreach event, which sees over 25 000 young people gather on one night, uniting churches and denominations. Eight years ago they founded Youth Alive Conference, which now hosts thousands of young people across every State, and gathers leading global voices. 

Cam and Renee began the Youth Alive Leadership Academy, which has seen such success over the past four years that it is now being rolled out across the country. It has become the leading training college for youth leaders and pastors.



Equipping Christian leaders to change the world